Konstantinos Giaouzos

Serial Entrepreneur - Investor

I help entrepreneurs build profitable businesses, creative people expand their income and regular people start their investment journey.

My Videos

One of the most important things for me is to spread awareness about all the important things in business and finances to the Greek audience and in fact, my videos do exactly that.
Making videos is how I started and it's one of the most fulfilling things for me to do. It's by far the easiest way for me to help people and impact lives.
These days online content is how most people find out about me so I take it very seriously.
My videos are simple, entertaining and above all educative.

My Courses

To be 100% honest, I never intended to create any courses.
It came naturally when I started talking about my experience with the stock market. My audience began wanting more than my regular youtube videos and it was the natural next step for my content.
My first two courses were about the stock market basics and they became best sellers almost instantly!

Schedule a meeting!

As a marketing consultant, I was used to always offer consultations about the things I'm an expert on.
After I started making videos the demand shifted a little bit from purely marketing based to more of a "how to make money doing what I love" business consultations.
Even though most days I'm very busy building and scaling my own businesses, I really like helping entrepreneurs build their own extremely profitable businesses, expand their income and start their investment journey.Some of the things we can talk about includes earn more money, start a business, create passive income sources and basically any topic I cover in my youtube videos.